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The Magical Painting Solution– Paint by numbers

  • May 9, 2019

Are you among them who love to paint to wipe out all sorrows and stresses from life? If yes, then you’ve landed at the right destination. If you still don’t have much experience painting is not a problem anymore! You can create beautiful works of art in a simple way with our kits to paint by numbers designed especially for beginners.

We are here to help out those who are learner painters or loves to paint in leisure. We offer amazing paint by numbers kits that will give you the real essence of wonderful painting.

Do you like flowers? Animals? The landscapes? You will find more than 100 different reasons to choose. Every day we expand our selection of paintings.

Many artists enjoy painting with other people. Meet with several friends, with a good glass of wine in your hand and background music. You can paint the same painting together, or each one can paint your own, that depends on you. A great plan to spend a good afternoon of talk, relaxation with paint by numbers.


Now, the term must interest you and you must be wondering, what’s actually “paint by numbers”. Let’s help you with this.

What’s Paint By Number?


This is such a concept that helps in making anybody happy who are interested in painting. It helps in enhancing creativity as well as grows a beautiful conceptual visualization of mind. In the words of Romare Bearden,”Painting is the act of discovery and you’re constantly enlarging your horizon or finding yourself every time you paint.”Many people who are already into this practice appreciate it because of its mind-blowing stress free attributes.

A recent study says that people who are in regular practice of paint by numbers have minimal chances of losing memory in an older age. Painting is undoubtedly a great way to express your emotions without using words or letters. It comes on the top on the list of hobbies among sewing, crafting and many more.  The uniqueness of  this special form of painting is id doesn’t require a great painting skills. It is actually a systematic form of classic painting. Here, a picture is divided in to shapes and all shapes are marked with a number. Each numbers are related to a particular shades of color. You can start painting from any of the provided shape of your choice and finally, it turns in to a great piece of art. This wonderful methodology of craft  is great for kids as well. They can start their first journey of creativity with the assisting hands of this wonderful practice.

What’s actually there in a paint by numbers kit?

.With painting by numbers, you will attempt many small steps .it will be difficult to imagine how the painting will look. The kit for paint by numbers includes every tool that you need to complete your work: the brushes, the paintings and the numbered canvas that can come in different designs like puzzles, floral and more.

Some Effective Tips to Efficiently Use Painting by Numbers

To use the beautiful mode of painting with state of the art user experience, you may follow the easy tips that we’ve shared here.

Prepare a suitable area to work

The best thing to start is to work on a flat surface, for example a table. If it is not the first time you paint, it can be a good option to try painting on an easel. It is best to cover the work area with old newspapers or newspaper to keep it clean.  This is either to avoid staining the table or the floor.If you can mount this area in a room where the floor is easily washable, it will be much better.

Fill a Cup with Water to Clean the Brushes

Use a cup that you do not normally use for drinking or one that you can wash thoroughly. A paper cup also serves. Disposable food containers also work, for example, a glass of used yogurt or a glass jar of jam. Also, try to have some rags near the work area with which to dry the excess water from the brushes..

Extend the Framed Canvas Over the Work Area

Extend the canvas so that it gives completely smooth feel. Look closely at the image of the result and try to visualize the work you have to do. It is a good idea to leave this image clearly visible in the work area while you are painting.

Observe What Colors Correspond to What Numbers

To paint by numbers you need to paint the different areas with the corresponding color. We advise you to observe and carefully check which numbers and paintings correspond to each area before you start. The numbers should be clearly marked on the paint containers as well as on the canvas. Once you have clear which zone corresponds to each color, you can decide where to start painting or not. You can also use pen to give the form of art a special effect.

Open the First Paint Container and Paint All the Areas Marked with That Number

Choose the color you want. Many people prefer to start painting on the left side of the canvas if they are right-handed. Others find it more motivating to start painting the sky or the background. And others prefer to start with light colors and leave dark ones for the end. There is no better way than another, with practice you will find the one that works best for you.

What we advise you is that if you have begun to paint with a certain color, try to paint all the areas corresponding to that same color so they don’t get mixed up. Especially if it’s your first time.

Wash the Brush in the Water When you Finish With a Color

If you keep a cloth handy, it will be very useful. This is because with it you can dry the brush and remove some water from it after washing. Remember not to wet the dirty brush in the paint or mix the colors.


Leave the Painted Area and Dry it Well

Before starting to paint with a new color it is better that the previous color is dry. Repeat the painting process with a new color until you have painted all areas of the canvas and the paint is completely dry.


Show Your Masterpiece

Finally, If you like the look of the painting, emboss it and hang it on the wall or at your shop so that all your guests can admire it.  Imagine, how good it will feel when the piece of framed art of yours will get admiration from all who take a look at that? If you want, you can give them an extra ordinary look by cutting them innovatively.

Why Should You Use Paint By Numbers?


1.    Stress Blower

A regular practice of paint by numbers may blow away your stress.

2.    Makes You Optimistic

Keeping yourself busy in this easy method of painting gives you an optimistic approach when you become happy with your creative crafts.

3.    Strengthens Your memory

This practice effectively helps in boosting the power of memory.

Usageof Paint by Numbers Arts

You can use your created masterpiece by painting by numbers by using them as wonderful gifts for your family and friends in the time of easter, at wedding and many more.

We are a trusted supplier of Paint By Numbers kits. We sell it in a very reasonable price. Our main motto is to promote this unique form of art and spread the loving experience of painting across the globe.