About us



The WEB-studio Miracle-Design is pleased to know that you are taking interest in us today! Thank you for returning if we are acquainted already and you are more than welcome if you are a newcomer.

Our purpose is an individual approach to each customer. Any success in work depends on mutual understanding between the client and the supplier. We discuss and set the goals thoroughly, plan the development process, we develop new strategies to satisfy the customers and build strong ties.

Our command is professional enough to satisfy any needs and inquiries. Here in Miracle-design we really love what we do and once you drop us a line, whether request a proposal, or just ask for additional fact – we guarantee you are going to be treated professionally by professionals.

Creation of a site is joint with the customer, extensive, multilateral process which includes yours:

  • requirements, inquiries;
  • an image, helps and desires, whims
  • absolute trust to us

and ours:

  • the professionalism, guaranteed quality of work;
  • a flight of fancy, creativity;
  • the non-standard approach to the decision of a problem;
  • the responsibility;
  • pleasure from your successes

We are ready to provide you with highly cost-effective solutions for all your Internet needs.

Also, our site on http://miracle-design.kiev.ua

You just can’t become a web designer without being an artist first. To be an artist, knowing how to paint is essential. You can still use the CSS tags, color wheels and design software. Designs can even come out from editing a few templates. Nevertheless namesake designers seldom make their mark. They feel extremely out of depth in the long run. You need to focus on learning painting in order to understand color compositions. It is essential to understand tons of variants of strokes. A person who moved brushes over a cardboard understands texture in depth. Such brand of designing makes an immense appeal. People love to see the attention to detail, that stems out of painting knowledge. Being familiar with designing software and FTP equips you technically. However, it’s the drawing and painting that provides you the artistry. Only the designs displaying artistry packs the punch, you need to excel.