Beach Trip

How To Pack For A Beach Trip

Beach vacations are one of the most exciting and fun vacations to have. The sunny yet windy experience with a touch of the waves rustling in your ears can really change the victory 996 vacation game. What’s not to like about an entire day of sand-castle building, throwing a Frisbee and splashing in the water? However, beach holidays can be a rollercoaster if the essentials for it aren’t handy. You need to be well-prepared for a beach outing and here are a few things that are simply necessary to take along with you if you are planning to take to the beach.

  1. First-aid kit

It is best to be prepared for unexpected injuries that could happen at the beach. Keep a small kit with essentials such as a disinfectant, cotton, bandages and cotton mesh. It goes unsaid that this kit must have sunscreen. Sand in open wounds can be very difficult to deal with, and more often than not, the only available water is saline water. Hence carrying a disinfectant is of utmost importance.


  1. Sunscreen

The one thing a beach holiday cannot be deprived of is lots of sunscreen. There are many different sun blockages available in the sunscreen market. It is said that any sunscreen with an SPF above 300 is not required for a typical beach day. Higher SPF’s are required for greater altitudes where the sun is more harsh and comprises of direct sun rays. Sunscreen also greatly helps with soothing any sort of sunburns or excessive heat.


  1. Beach Bag

It can get quite difficult to keep track of all the things you’ll need handy when youre at the beach. This is when carrying a beach bag can be really helpful. A beach bag should ideally be big enough to carry beach towels, sunscreen, water bottles, basic snacks and cold drinks.


  1. Clothes for the beach

Clothes for the beach

Although it may seem like an obvious statement, wearing the right clothes for the beach setting can go wrong. Beachwear is one type of clothing that requires accessories on almost all parts of the body. Bathing suits, flip flops, undershirts, a change of undergarments, leisure shoes and a belt can all go into your bag of clothes. It is also good to carry a small pouch to keep little things that you can’t carry with you all the time, especially your earphones.


  1. Beach gear
    This includes everything from your beach hat to sunglasses. Other important things that one must carry as beach gear are a beach umbrella, beach chairs if required, snorkel gears, a portable speaker if you like to listen to music when you’re at the beach, waterproof phone case and a cooler or an insulated bag.